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Zarautz is located in the center of the Basque Coast, north from there you have the Cantabrian Sea, and south, the municipality of Aia. At it’s east there’s the town of Orio and at it’s west, Getaria. Zarautz is an internationally recognized surf spot, a perfect beach for surfing.

Its impressive beach and architectural and cultural heritage make this town one with the full package.

Zarautz is one of those towns that everyone falls in love with and it is known to be the preferred vacation destination for many tourists.

The Paseo Marítimo is one of the spaces most transited by the people of Zarauz themselves. A 2.5 km walk that, located parallel to the beach, crosses Zarautz from end to end. The sculptures, bars, restaurants and surf schools you find along the way make it a very lively place.

The old town is undoubtedly the heart of Zarautz. A place with a great atmosphere that we recommend you visit.

The walk from Zarautz to Getaria is another of the great routes of the town. A small route alongside the sea and next to a beautiful hill, offers us a 9 km route (round trip) suitable for all audiences.

This small island known as Mollarri Island or Malla Harria Island (Mollarri uhartea in Basque) is right next to the mineral loading dock of the same name, on the Talaimendi cliffs. This island was used from 1906 to 1923 as a loading platform for the ships that moved from oreo to Zarautz.

On one of the slopes of Talaimendi, on one side of Zarautz beach, you will find The Mollarri mineral loading dock, also known as the Malla Harria mineral loading dock. This space was designed to store all the minerals extracted in the Asteasu mines in the 20th century from the sea. Without a doubt one of the great industrial heritages of Zarautz.

The Zarautz Museum of Cinema and Photography, known as the Photomuseum, presents the history of art and photography through a large number of elements linked to photography. Some objects, along with the beautiful library that this museum has, allow us to know more in detail the benefits of cinema and photography.

The port of Zarautz is one of the smallest on the entire Basque coast. A space, made up of a dike and a counter dam, protects the txalupas (small row boats) that we find inside. The shallow draft of this port means that at low tide it hardly has water, so large boats cannot be moored inside. In summer, the port becomes one of the spaces most demanded by the young people of the town. A perfect place for a refreshing dip in the sea.

In the small but powerful traditional market that we find in the historic center of Zarautz, we can buy products of the highest quality. From fish from Orio and Getaria to the excellent fruits and vegetables from Zarautz itself. The market that we contemplate today was reopened in 2009 after some work that lasted more than 2 years.

It is the longest beach in the whole of the Basque Country. A sandy area that, thanks to its fine sand and waves, has become a benchmark on the Basque coast. If we talk about the Zarautz beach, we must mention the area of ​​dunes that we find on its right side, next to Talaimendi and the mouth of the Iñurritza river.


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HOW TO GET THERE from San Sebastián

BUS : Lurraldebus – 2-4€  



Train: Euskotren1,35€  


Vallina Taxi: 50€ / 13 minutos de trayecto – (+34) 943 40 40 40

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