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Getaria is a small coastal town between the towns of Zumaia and Zarautz.

Interesting Fact, it is a town whose slopes are full of vineyards, from which the famous Getaria txakoli is produced. At the same time, it has a fishing port where fresh fish are received daily and you can actually have them for lunch or dinner  in the restaurants nearby.

Malkorbe beach is one of the best beaches in the Basque Country and one of the most beautiful places to see in Getaria.

From the top of this street you will get the best views of the town with the beach in the foreground, and the port and Mount San Antón, known by locals as the Getaria mouse for its shape, in the background.

Once you go down to this beach that is right next to Playa de Gaztetape, the only other sandy area that Getaria has, you can enjoy a swim in its calm waters.

The port of Getaria (Guetaria in Spanish) had for many years one of the largest fishing ports in the north, which gave the population a lot of wealth, mostly due to the fact that they would hunt whales..

Nowadays, its canning industries and restaurants serve fresh grilled fish, accompanied by a good txakoli.

The port stands out for its many colorful boats and lively daily activity.

In addition to being one of the essential places to visit in Getaria, this port is also the starting point for the excursion to the Zumaya Flysch by boat, one of the most recommended on the Basque coast.

The old town is another beautiful place to see in Getaria, starting with Plaza Elkano.

You cannot miss the Katrapona passage, a street under the church that connects the old town with the fishing port.

After taking a stroll through Aldamar Street, full of terraces overlooking the sea, you can walk through the parallel and sloping streets of San Roke, Elkano and Kale Nagusia, which gathers a large part of the attractiveness and commercial activity of the town.

It is essential to visit the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum, one of the most important fashion designers in history.

In the museum, located in the Aldemar Palace, where Balenciaga spent part of his childhood, you can learn about the history of the designer and see some of his most famous creations.


Elkano – https://www.restauranteelkano.com/

Politena – http://politenagetaria.com/

 Iribar – https://iribargetaria.com/

Kaia Kaipe – http://www.kaia-kaipe.com/

Asador Mayflower – (+34) 943 14 06 58

Asador Astillero – (+34) 943 14 04 12

HOW TO GET THERE from San Sebastián

Autobús: Lurraldebus – 36 minutos trayecto / 2-4€

https://www.lurraldebus.eus/viajes/result / https://www.lurraldebus.eus/viajes/result

Tren: EuskotrenTrayecto hasta Zarautz – Paseo hasta Getaria (9km) https://www.euskotren.eus/sites/default/files/horarios/Euskotren_Horario_E1_Amara_Matiko_2de2_CARTEL_50x70cm_INVIERNO2020.pdf

Taxi Vallina: 50€ / 19 minutos de trayecto (+34) 943 40 40 40

Always Easy experiences with BASQUE TOURS

ENG: One of the Gems of the Basque Coast. Built by the fishing port, hosting multiple Txakoli wineries in its hilly background, with lots of grilled fish restaurants nested in its cobblestone streets. It is by far one of our favorite places!

We recommend these 2 tours with Basque Tours, to get the best of Getaria:





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