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Biarritz is a city in southwestern France. It is one of the main towns in the historic province of the French Basque Country, Labort.

It is a beautiful and elegant city that preserves part of the glamour that it had during the seventeenth century and conquered European royalty.

Biarritz is the perfect destination for those pursuing the art of “the good living”: relaxation, culture, gastronomy and creativity.

The Rock of the Virgin (Rocher de la Vierge in French) is an islet and one of the most famous places to see in Biarritz. It is an iron footbridge with a statute of the Virgin on the Rock, which is where the name comes from. It was placed by the fishermen after the miraculous stormy night when, according to legend, they were saved from shipwreck by her. 

From this rock you can enjoy magnificent views of the city and its beaches to the north, as well as the entire coast to the Spanish border (on clear days) to the south.

The Plage Côte des Basques beach is located south of the city, under some cliffs, it is the most famous surfing beach that can be seen in Biarritz. Numerous competitions are held there. It is a beautiful beach which you cannot miss. 

Biarritz lighthouse

This lights house is one of the historical symbols of the city. It is located in a privileged place in the northern part of Biarritz. It was built in 1834 and from its 74 meters high and 250 steps to climb, it offers us one of the most spectacular places to see Biarritz. Although the views from its base are also worth it.

Fishermen’s harbor (Port de Pecheurs)

In this small port you will find a few restaurants where you can eat the best fish and seafood in Biarritz. You can find it halfway between the Grande Plage and the Rock of the Virgin, and it is a very lively place during the summer days.

Grande Plage

The Grande Plage is right at the heart of the city and it possibly is the main place to see in Biarritz, especially in summer. This beach has attracted high society tourists since the Belle Epoque. In summer, bathers have a limited swimming area, as the Grande Plage is frequented by a large number of surfers. You will notice that the area around this beach is the true tourist center of the city, with many shops, restaurants and cafes. This is the area with the best vibes that you can see in Biarritz.

Old Port Beach (Port Vieux)

It is a beach located in a small bay. Its name, Puerto Viejo, is due to the fact that the city’s whaling ships docked here. Of course, it has been many years since a ship entered it. Being in a small bay surrounded by stone walls, it is protected from the wind, the waves are gentle and the waters safer, which makes it the ideal option for swimming if you are traveling to Biarritz with children. For us, the beach of Port Vieux is one of the most beautiful places to see in Biarritz, visible from the Rock of the Virgin.


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HOW TO GET THERE from San Sebastián

Bus: Ordinary ticket-  5-7€ / 1h journey


Vallina taxi: 100€ / 45-50 minutes of journey – 943 40 40 40

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